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We provide reliable, affordable, professional websites for businesses in the cigar industry. We offer technical knowledge and industry expertise to help you build and grow your cigar business fast!

What we do

Awesome Websites for Cigar Lounge Owners

Your website is often the first impression your customers get when they look for a place to enjoy a premium cigar. We build amazing and simple websites so you can share information about your team, your products, and the awesome business you've built with the people who're looking for a great place to smoke.

Beautiful Design

We've been building websites for almost 10 years. Your website will be designed by true professionals who also know the cigar industry.

Mobile Friendly

The best websites look good on any device. Your new website will not only tell your customers about your business, but will look good on any device.

Easy to Manage

With our simplified website creation process, your content will be easy to manage and update at any time.

Your Website. Your Way.


Whenever people discover your business for the first time, they want to know what to expect if they visit. Your website enables you to talk about all of the cool things you're doing, all of the great sticks in your humidor, and all of the amazing things that attract your regulars to your lounge.


Are you an authorized Davidoff retailer? Do you have a large selection of boutique cigars? Is your ventilation state of the art? Your website allows you to tell people about your store and the products on your shelves.


Our super-technical software let's you use your custom domain on our hosting platform. You can call your website whatever you want; it's yours!


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can make your website truly unique by adding photos of your lounge, your humidor, your staff and more!

why we do it

We Love Cigars and the Cigar Industry

Not only do we love cigars, but we also love entrepreneurs. We know what it takes to start, build, and grow a business. You have a business to run and customers to serve, and most business owners don't have the time to also build a great website for their business. That's where our expertise comes in!

A Modern Approach to a Centuries Old Business

Every customer who walks into your cigar shop has the entire internet on the phone in their pocket. But most business in the cigar industry struggle to keep up with the latest technology their customers use. That's where websites made by Cigar Shop Manager come in! We bring your cigar business into the 21st century and help you create the online presence you deserve!

Why Choose Us

This is the Expertise You're Looking For

Not only do we know about business, e-commerce, web design, and SEO, but we're also cigar smokers. We've been building websites for almost ten years, and we've been smoking cigars for almost twenty. We got into the cigar industry with our partner company,, in 2018.

While we definitely aren't the only website design company out there or even the only web hosting company, we are the only company out there with expertise in both website design as well as cigars.


What they say

Brooklyn, NY

Mariam Z.

Every business should have a website. Whenever I think about going somewhere new, I pull out my phone and look for their website to see if I really want to go there.

Houston, TX

Chris O.

C'mon, if you don't have a website in 2020, how can you call yourself a real business? If you want to be a legitimate, professional business, you need to have a website.

Dallas, TX

Ellory W.

A good website serves a greeting card for customers. It should welcome people to your business, tell them who you are, what you do, and why you're unique. is the perfect solution for cigar lounge owners who know what they want and need, but don't have the time or resources to build their website on their own.





billed annually

Website Built for Cigar Lounges
Mobile Responsive Right Out of the Box
Step-by-Step Content Templates
Unlimited Traffic
Use Your Own Domain
Use Your Own Analytics
Collect Customer Emails




billed annually

Website Built for Cigar Lounges
Mobile Responsive Right Out of the Box
Step-by-Step Content Templates
Unlimited Traffic
Use Your Own Domain
Use Your Own Analytics
Collect Customer Emails

- PLUS! -
Included SSL
E-Commerce Software
Unlimited Posts
Unlimited Pages


Can I use my own domain?

Yes. After you register and create your account, you'll receive instructions on how to direct your domain to our servers.

Is there a setup fee or design cost?

Nope. Your website's template will be set up and installed as soon as you complete your registration. You'll then have control over the content on your website.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. Each of our plans include a 10 day trial. Sign up, jump in, and create your website! After the ten day free trial, you'll be required to link your payment account.

What all is included?

Tons! Included in your monthly fee is the website building software, a premium WordPress theme at no additional charge, mobile-responsive content templates, and templates for a privacy policy page, a terms and conditions page, an about page, and a tour of your business and humidor page. All you have to do is add your information and you're ready to go!

What if I don't like my website?

We're pretty sure you'll like what we've designed for you, but in case you don't, let our team know and we can change your template for you or custom-design something else at an additional fee to meet your needs.